Picking Your Nose and Eating It Could Be Good for You

May 4, 2017

Category: Health and Wellness

Author: Carolyn Eagle

 Admit it, we’ve all done it at some point and if you’re a parent, you have probably told your children to get their fingers out of their noses more times than you can count. Now, an Austrian lung specialist, Prosessor Friedrich Bischinger is telling us that not only is there nothing wrong with a little nose picking but that eating what we dig out may be good for our health!

As it turns out, the benefits of snacking on our nasal findings are twofold. Primarily, he argues that eating boogers helps to strengthen the body’s immune system, particularly in children. The nose filters bacteria, and ingesting bacteria is great for your gut where it acts as an immune booster.

The second benefit of picking and eating are perhaps even more hard to swallow (pun intended). It turns out that nose mucous is high in salivary mucins which help to fight dental decay by forming a barrier on the teeth. This barrier fights off bacteria which is the cause of cavities and does it so well that researchers are now looking to create a synthetic form of these salivary mucins to add to dental hygiene products like toothpaste.

While society may not be ready to release the stigma of public nose picking, next time you’re tempted to pull your child’s finger out of their nose, give it a second thought. It may be disgusting to watch, but it does their bodies good. 

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